Success Stories

Success Stories

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Plastic Surgeon Sees Surge With Device ID

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Plastic Surgeon

Advertising solution

Device ID Address Match

Campaign Length

One Month


The client expressed interest in gaining new clients for plastic surgery procedures.


Identifying individuals who are in-market for plastic surgery procedures can be difficult due to the specialized nature of the service.


We recommended using Device ID Address Match to capture the mobile devices of subscribers based on a list the publisher provided. The client booked 144k impressions to be served over the one-month campaign period.


Insights from the Point of Interest Attribution (POIA) Report generated from this campaign tells us that 13 subscribers from the publisher’s list physically walked into the client’s brick and mortar location, resulting in 30 total visits.

Key Findings

If an advertiser can provide a list of customers who had purchased something from them during the course of a campaign, we can match them back to devices we targeted. This shows them exactly how many people we targeted that actually converted to customers – powerful ROI!

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